B2B and B2C Cross-Border Payments

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In an ever-changing payments landscape, there are as many challenges as there are opportunities. High transaction costs, FX fees, and slow payment processing create issues for businesses on a daily basis, particularly for those who are making low and medium value cross border transfers.

When it comes to B2B international payments, there are not many options. In almost all cases, the company will simply initiate a payment with their local bank, which will then send the money to the non-resident partner's bank, possibly using some intermediary banks. Each bank makes money on the transaction. Consequently, the incurred fees are at least 5% and can - at times - even exceed 15%. That is a huge potential for savings!

Considering that in competitive markets, most profit margins are not very big for global companies that need a B2B money transfer, finding a solution is important. 1WB offers that possibility.

1WB provides a payment solution to any global company that eliminates the time spent muddling through bureaucracy and fees. The importer & exporter get an invoice-based payment solution with near-instant transfer of funds. Clients will have their own E-wallets, which can be used to receive or send payments globally.

Cross-border E-commerce expansion creates great business opportunities.

Cross-border ecommerce now accounts for over 25 percent of total global ecommerce sales. Millions of international shoppers, particularly those in emerging markets, search online for discounts or items unavailable domestically. With this in mind, online merchants would benefit from expanding their business into new geographical areas and offering a wider product portfolio to service a global market.

Through our Global Acquiring Network, 1WB offers its partners unique business opportunities and profitable expansion into emerging markets by connecting them to ONE payment platform globally, which processes global payments domestically through crypto currency in different regions; a full-service provider with a single innovative payment processing platform for all cross-border transactions, and a next-generation reporting interface that safeguards control over all the transactions processed.


  • Easy to use online interface
  • Full back office team to manage funds & payments
  • Real time online reporting activity
  • Email notifications
  • Pre-validation of beneficiary details to minimize errors
  • Supports multiple currencies including cryptocurrency
  • Multi-level security
  • Payment & transaction history – online or downloadable


  • Global customer service
  • Cost saving
  • Instant transfers
  • Fluid process