Safe and secure with 1WorldBlockchain

At 1WorldBlockchain we take your safety and security very seriously.

  • 256 Bit SSL securities
  • Two factor authentication
  • PCI compliance
  • Offsite storage
  • Data encryption
  • Audit trials
Communications to and from our system are protected by secure SSL connection, using banking levels of encryption strength.
Key changes and actions on the system are protected using two factor authentication to cross reference that any changes are being made with your authority. This may take the form of an email password in combination with a one-time- use SMS passcode.
We use the latest security tools available to us and review practices to safeguard our customers' data. PCI compliance increases security of account holder information and minimizes any potential for fraud. Our compliance validation is audited annually.
All file uploads - such as passports, Id cards & other important documents - are stored offsite by a trusted, dedicated third party security house.
Any sensitive data - and customer information - is encrypted in the database.
Every action on the system is fully audited to international institutional banking standards.