David Jacobs

David Jacobs is the international business compliance and strategic director with 1WorldBlockchain

Born and educated in Australia with over 30 years of logistics, sales, marketing and general management experience in consumer goods manufacturing, and retailing.

David has both theoretical and practical international expertise, having graduated with a law degree from the University of Melbourne and then honing his skills with General Electric (USA) and Australia’s largest retail conglomerate, Coles Myer. His achievements include establishing the Australian Retail Financial Network (A.R.F.N.), its’ retail financial services arm. He has travelled throughout South-East Asia, Europe and North America.

He is well recognised in the Australian corporate community as a professional maven of business marketing and an excellent strategic thinker who has familiarised himself with China since 2003, initially with numerous visits and then as a resident for the past 6 years. Currently David is the founder of several Australian businesses. Now living in Shenzhen, China, David is responsible for international business compliance matters for 1WorldBlockchain.