We Power Cross-Border Trade

At 1WB, we make transfers faster and with lower fees than traditional methods. We secure payments through statements & invoices to help keep you moving forward.

Robust API

We have created a simple API that can be accessed for quick integration.

Faster Payments

Make payments online 24/7 and transfer your money faster than the banks. For most currencies, your payment will usually be made the day we receive your funds.

Lower Costs

Cut out the extra costs of moving money across borders. We help you eliminate extra fees & unfavorable FX rates.

Secure Platform

You can have complete confidence in our platform security. We are trusted by some of the world`s largest FIs.

Our Mission

1WB aims to make cross border transfers quicker, easier, cheaper and more secure.


Our smart contract execution mechanisms and proprietary blockchain technology performs the functions required for efficient transfer of all types of cross border payments. The smart contracts automatically implement the algorithms based on invoices and the system secures transactions in the currency of a particular country.


Save Time and Money on Your International Payments

If you are moving your money around the world, you could be saving money compared to using your bank, while at the same time benefiting from quick and secure transfers. Whether you are buying, selling or sending money overseas, make sure you get more for your money.

Global Payments Made Simpler & Safer

Customer oriented, invoice based and driven by innovation, 1WB combines the latest blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and risk management to support SME & SMB in handling global payments.

Our Partners

A global payment system with access to merchants & suppliers through the 1WB payment network.

Stellar is an open global protocol for payments enabling low cost, high access and seamless multi-asset transactions.

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