Edward Ng

Edward Ng is the Founder and CEO of 1WorldBlockchain

Edward Ng is an USA corporate executive and entrepreneur in the fintech solutions field. He has 30 plus years of experience in the field of engineering, manufacturing, software-system development, pioneer in global IT Outsourcing, and most recently in the past 16 years in fintech solutions. He is a native New Yorker, graduated with a Chemical Engineering from University of Delaware.

Edward’s corporate background came from the global giants of American Cyanamid, Computer Associates (CA), Sun Microsystems, Wipro and others. His entrepreneur experiences started in 1984 as a leading-edge systems integrator of desktop to servers to mainframes networking systems. Industry market demands lead Edward into the business of software development with emphasis of user interface and ISO-OSI software development. He had commercialized three proprietary software packages in the market of User Interface, KYC-Customer Relations Management, and security software.

Currently living in Shenzhen China, his combination of international corporate management, entrepreneurship, marketing and technical background makes Edward unique in his ability to build a major international business from conception to maturity.